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We build residential buildings

More than 25 year of experience working in the construction sector. We offer a lot of services.

We build industrial buildings

More than 25 year of experience working in the construction sector. We offer a lot of services.

Pools and SPA

To our 25 years experience we added a collaboration with a prestigious Italian company for building pools, SPA etc.

Construction Albania

Our purpose  is not just to build. Building for us is the tool that seeks us to create and strengthen our values as individuals and of course as a company. Every day we see it as another step towards persuasion.

Industrial Objects

We construct industrial objects using modern technology. Our staff is also prepared for assembly of metal structures.

Commercial Buildings

Our experience also extends to the construction of commercial facilities such as in the case of the Enol Winery.

Residential Buildings

The construction of residential villas is a specialty of ours. Villas with contemporary materials, thermal insulation systems and everything else that you are comfortable in your home.

Other Services

We are open for cooperation to assist you in your work processes, such as concrete, reinforcement, soles, fasteners, retaining walls etc.

 We care about your project.

We build relationships, not only buildings!

One of the main objectives of Construction Albania is to satisfy and meet every client’s requirements, both in terms of quality and timing of projects. Our desire and purpose in each project is through professionalism and our work to build with the client a mutual trust relationship, valid for any other project in the future.


From project to realization of residential buildings.

Construction Albania has a long and successful experience in the construction of individual villas or flats. We have available all the resources and resources to build your facility, starting from project idea, architectural project, building permit, rough construction and finishing.

Pools, SPA etc.

Construction Albania brings to Albania ,the Italian experience of pool construction, aqua park and SPA and hydro massage facilities

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